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EXOINV is a research initiative funded by the INGENIA program promoted by the University of La Laguna and Cabildo de Tenerife. Our working group is formed by students and graduates in Biology, Environmental Sciences, Sociology and Anthropology. One of the main objectives of EXOINV is to contribute with updated information to the knowledge about the distribution of a selection of invasive exotic plant species in the Anaga Rural Park. The data will be compiled through fieldwork. EXOINV also aims to provide a positive impact on the level of awareness and knowledge that the citizenship has about this problem, which will be articulated and evaluated through surveys. At the same time, outreach actions on the conservation problems caused by invasive exotic species will be carried out using informative pills and social networks. The overarching goal of EXOINV is to expand Tenerife and particularly Anaga residents’ awareness of invasive plant species issues and willingness to adopt simple behaviors that prevent their introduction and subsequent spread.